22 Triathlon And Life Goals For 2019

I’ve been jotting down stuff like this for the last three years. I usually tick off about fifteen. I used to include some performance related targets. Times. Places. But that doesn’t interest me now. It’s about fun & fitness. And going #guntotape.

2019 Triathlon Goals.jpg
  1. Have a simple, repeatable triathlon week. Get up early.

  2. Lift. Near-daily. Get to Crossfit Munich once a week.

  3. Eat well. Continue to make improvements. Try new recipes.

  4. Race local, short, often and hard. Enter a team time trial.

  5. Do more XC skiing. Ice skate. Take a track cycling course.

  6. Do a full CX season. Build some CX race wheels.

  7. Attend an organised Bikepacking gathering.

  8. Improve German. Volunteer. Start a children’s triathlon club.

  9. Work on Version 2.0 of the bike that I built in January 2018.

  10. Train with the boys more. Do the Oberbayern Kids Cup again.

  11. Do the Level 2 Certificate in Cycle Maintenance.

  12. Start working on a soft-exit from teaching or parallel career.

  13. Kick my podcast project out of the door.

  14. Thru-run a long-distance hiking trail.

  15. Get home & dock devices. Play the guitar for 30 minutes.

  16. Make stuff. Grow stuff. Sew. Read lots.

  17. Have a uniform. Less jeans. More cords.

  18. Stick to the cleaning schedule. Get the kids to help.

  19. Weekly family adventures. Canoe. Hike. Bike. Climb.

  20. Muir Triathlon Tour. Three days. Two races. Camping. Gravel.

  21. Take some triathlon road trips. UK. France. Austria.

  22. Do some serious spectating. FGP, Bundesliga, Roth, UTMB.

    What are yours? Don’t train. Stay fit. Be ready for anything.