Day 2 at Big Forest Frameworks

So yesterday I got the tubes of the front triangle cut to length. I was then able to slot them into the lugs and put the whole thing on the floor to get an idea of what the finished frame will look like. I then finished the day by having my first go at brazing, together with Jurgen, on some tube off-cuts.

Today I was pretty excited to start putting a hot flame to my own tubes. Although Robert was there to guide me through the process at the start, I eventually wanted to take control while not making any costly or esthetic mistakes.

The steps I took on Day 2 were:

  1. Cut chainstays to the correct length.

  2. Braze bottle cage bosses. My first proper braze.

  3. Braze chainstays to dropouts.

  4. Apply LOTS of flux to main tubes before tacking.

  5. Tack the front triangle tubes to the lugs in the jig.

  6. More flux. Braze in the bike stand.

  7. Cut seat stays to correct length. Braze in top plugs.

  8. Braze chainstays to front triangle.

  9. Braze seat stays to dropouts then to front triangle.

  10. Frame alignment checks in the jig.

  11. Put frame in a water bath overnight to dissolve the flux.

We broke again for lunch at 12:00. Yesterday we ate at a self-service place with good German food. Today we tried the fusion-Vietnamese. Again. Solid fare.

No run tonight but I did visit Downtown Potsdam. The streets were deserted and windswept with lots of posh shops and restaurants. So I went back to Gleiss 6.

Check back tomorrow for Day 3 highlights.