Day 3 at Big Forest Frameworks

When I arrived at the workshop I got my frame out of the water bath. The flux had gone and frankly, it looked great! There was no more major brazing to do today but lots of finishing off to do.

  1. Braze brake and gear cable stops.

  2. Braze rack attachment points.

  3. Braze rear brake bridge.

  4. Braze chainstay bridge.

  5. Tap thread for under bottom bracket cable guide.

  6. Attach cable guide.

  7. Ream and face headtube.

  8. Ream and face bottom bracket.

  9. Cut a slot in the seat post clamp.

  10. Ream seat tube.

  11. File off some globs of silver that had run on to the tubes.

  12. Wrap frame in bubble-wrap to transport home.

We finished the day with a beer from a local brewery to celebrate the end of my course. In conclusion, the course was fabulous and everything I was hoping for.

I learnt a lot during these three days at Big Forest Frameworks. Not only about the process of building steel bike frames but also about bike mechanics in general.

Robert is an excellent teacher. I’m a teacher, so I know a good one when I meet one. He provides the right balance between clear instruction and backing off to allow you to gain experience with the tools and processes by yourself.

Today we had Italian for lunch and Gleiss 6 for the fourth time for dinner. I was super-exhausted on leaving the workshop and only managed a tiny run.

Part four, tomorrow, is about the first ride I took on the new bike, how I finished it off and riding a triathlon season on it.