Make Stuff 1: WTS Transition Zone

While in Nottingham for the Outlaw Triathlon in July my brother suggested that we devote September to using our hands and building as many things as possible. I even drew up this build-docket and posted it on Instagram.

But the return to near-full-time work was more hectic than I had imagined and I really didn’t get much done. A few neckerchiefs and a drawstring bag. Luke did much better, managing some bags and an intricate hand-plane.

So I’m relaunching the concept and intend to post something that I’ve made every Sunday. Here’s a project from Autumn 2017. When I had much more time on my hands!

As my three boys are always practising transitions, running mounts and flying dismounts, I started to build them a classic, scaffold-tubing transition structure.

“No. No. No. Stop Dad! We want a proper WTS transition area!”

So we found some photos online and then I got a closer look when I was in Rotterdam for the WTS Grand Final. Elliot and Etienne helped with measuring and painting.

They now carry them out into the street and also use them to store their bikes in the garage. The neighbours’ children have even asked if I can build more for them!